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DJ Booth

Most DJs set up their equipment on top of a skirted banquet table. We feel this is not only very unprofessional looking, but also expose's all their wires and equipment. Not us! We have a high quality - custom built DJ Booth that not only creates a professional look, but is also very functional. You won't see any equipment or wires, (except the two wires going to the speakers) or any clutter with our DJ Booth. Covered in fabric, it blends in giving our entire setup a clean and professional look !

Our Equipment

Sound & Mixer

Determined to bring you the best sound quality possible, we use only professional high quality DJ equipment, designed specifically for mobile use. All our music is completely digital, and is at 320 KBPS, which means higher quality sound then skipping disc's !

We also offer Karaoke services!
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Amplifiers & Speakers

Our 2 Crown XTI 4000 professional amplifiers pump out an amazing 2,000 watts each in Mono (one amp per speaker). This makes the output power to an amazing 4,000 watts! Since we run our system in Stereo, this allows us to have a back up amplifier, if for some reason one fails. We put all that power into - 2 JBL SRX 738 professional loud speakers, which should be more than enough power for just about any type of occasion. Now that doesn't mean we always pump out that much power (because we are professionals), our system sounds just as good at a few hundred watts - say like for your wedding reception.

Craig Fischer - Owner

Feel Free To Contact Us or call us at: (715) 570 - 8054

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