Music and Lighting

Our goal is to play a mix of music that all of your guests will enjoy and have fun with. We offer music from oldies - for the older crowd, some polka's & waltz's, to - 2 step for the country music lovers, and the hottest dance club music for the younger people. All our music is completely digital, which means you get high quality sound with no skipping or popping like what can happen with compact discs.

We have over 27 years of professional DJ experience, so we are able to read the crowd and play an appropriate mix of music that gets everyone dancing on the dance floor, and keeps them there! Combine this with our state of the art LED light show which all the lights "read" the music, this means they change colors and design's to the beat of the music, not just blink on and off all night long, and also comes with "Up Lighting"! So not only does this all add up to having a high energy light show, but it also makes your dance floor come alive! and feel inviting to you and all your guests!

Your guests are more than welcome to make requests to the DJ, because we are there to entertain them. Unfortunately, time does not always allow for every guest's request to be played. In addition, some songs are not always appropriate for every occasion.

Feel Free to Contact Us for your special event!

Or feel free to call us at: (715) 570 - 8054

Craig Fischer - Owner


Please feel free to call us at: (715) 570 - 8054

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